Ruxcon 2017

Hardware Hacking Village


 Simple Solder Build Doc 

 Simple Solder Gerbers (v1.3 Panelised 6 up) 

RuxBadge 2017

Gerbers won't be published for the badge. But, I have a limited number of spare boards availalble.
Read the Ruxcon 2017 Hardware Hacking Village Wrap post on my website for details

 RuxBadge 2017 Build Doc 

 RuxBadge 2017 Firmware Binaries (CTF) 

 RuxBadge 2017 Firmware Source (No, the CTF flag is not in here) 

 NodeMCU image suitable for above code (included in the above archives) 

Slide Decks

 Intro To Soldering/Desoldering 

 RuxBadge 2017 Programming How To (Coming soon...) 


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